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Monster Tough Toy for Dogs

Monster Tough Toy for Dogs

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New BoxDog design pull toy with multiple layers and protective webbing.  Squeaker sewn inside all 4 legs.  This is in interactive dog toy for pulling, tugging and fetching. (not meant for a dog to sit and chew).    * 🐕 MULTIPLE LAYERS - Made with multiple layers of tough canvas material. * 🦴TOUGH EDGES - We made the edging on these toys as tough as possible, sewn multiple times! * 🐕 BUILT FOR TUG - These toys are meant for tugging and rough play! * 🎁 BOXDOG FAVORITE- Tested and approved by thousands of BoxDog subscription box members * 🐕 4 SQUEAKERS - This toy has 4 squeakers total, one in each leg. **This interactive toy is meant for fetching and tugging, and although we made it very tough it is not meant for chewing. 

Chew Level: 4/6 Enthusiastic Chew

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