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Silvervine and Catnip Birthday Cake for Cats

Silvervine and Catnip Birthday Cake for Cats

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While 60% of cats are genetically attracted to catnip, 80% are attracted to silvervine! Silvervine is a plant native to Africa; cats are attracted to both its bark and it's fruit--the gall fruit. For kitties who don't react to catnip, give silvervine a try! All the varieties are great for enrichment and relieving boredom. 

Kitty Cake: This silvervine and catnip cake is pawfect for celebrating a purrthday! A wild silvervine cake is topped with dried catnip leaves, decorated with gallfruits--the fruit of the silvervine plant. Top it all off with a silvervine "candle"! 

Silvervine Sticks are geat for chewing, batting, chasing and stimulation--the bark cleans kitty teeth! 

Natural Cat Toys, based in British Columbia, uses 100% natural products in their toys They take pride in their workmanship and guarantee their toys safe for cats, who they consider family.  


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