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Natural Cat Toys

Silvervine and Hemp Dental Stick Toy for Cats

Silvervine and Hemp Dental Stick Toy for Cats

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While 60% of cats are genetically attracted to catnip, 80% are attracted to silvervine! Silvervine is a plant native to Africa; cats are attracted to both its bark and it's fruit--the gall fruit. For kitties who don't react to catnip, give silvervine a try! All the varieties are great for enrichment and relieving boredom. 

Dental Stick: This kitty toy starts with an organic silvervine treat with aromatic silvervine gall fruits at each end. Add hemp strands--and you've got two types of dental aids on one fun pounce toy. Both hemp and silvervine lumber facilitate kitty teeth cleaning. 

Natural Cat Toys, based in British Columbia, uses 100% natural products in their toys They take pride in their workmanship and guarantee their toys safe for cats, who they consider family.  


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