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Blue Whale Enrichment Lick Mat Set

Blue Whale Enrichment Lick Mat Set

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Dexter says: "Keep your furry friend busy all day long with our calming enrichment paw print licking mat. This design can help keep your dog or cat busy during the day or stressful moments like bath time or when they are feeling anxious! All you need is a little peanut butter, raw food, or plain yogurt to spread onto the mat to encourage your pet to focus on getting all the irresistible spread off the mat."                                                  Did you know that your dog's favourite wet or raw food can be spread onto the mat to replace their feeding dish to help them slow down during feeding time? We do this all the time with Dexter! This is a must-have in our household! It’s a dexy fav! Material: Food-grade 100% silicone & BPA free

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